About Us

Techno Management started on 2002 as a Project Management consulting company, focusing on delivering Project Management services.

The company since then evolved in a full management consulting company specialized in Strategy Management, Performance Management, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Training and Related Governances.

Why choose us

Accumulated Regional Experience

Accumulated experiences, from different customers in different sectors always bring new trends and best practices to our new customers.

Wide Consulting Capacity

Our consultants cover a wide scope of the business areas in all subject related to Strategy, Project, Performance and Human Resources management.

Microsoft Partners

Key partner to Microsoft in the Middle East area, focusing on Project Management and Strategy Management solutions built on top of Microsoft Platforms.

Excellent Track Record

Shiny track record mainly in the Middle East area with happy and repeat customers.

Azure Ready Solutions

Our solutions are ready to me implemented on Microsoft Azure, releifing clients from the hassle of hardware and licenses management.

Clean and Smooth Implementations

A solid and proven implementation methodology that brings the service and implementation time to the minimum, saving the customer’s time and money.

Our mission

To help organizations to enhance performance and turn plans into reality, by realizing strategies, achieving objectives, and completing projects

Our Vision

To be a leading, trusted and dependable management consulting company.