Track View


TrackView is a product developed by Techno Management as a Strategic
Management System to manage and track the level of performance of the
organization’s strategies and projects. This important management tool helps
the senior management to ensure the achievement of the organization’s
objectives and Key Performance Indicators.

Product Benefits

The system satisfied the top management strategic needs of managing the
organizations’ strategic functions through applying the following set of features

System Functions

The system provides the following strategic functions

  • Organization Strategy overview
  • Objective Center
  • Organization Center
  • Project Center
  • Mandate Center
  • Sectors and Departments View
  • Sector Tracking
  • Risks with Projects Analysis Center
  • Reports and Dashboards


The organization strategy overview provides the decision maker with a
comprehensive overview of the strategic objectives’ status. From this view, the
decision maker can drill down to the sub-objective details and then to the related
components in terms of key performance indicator or projects

PROJECT CENTERsystem benefits

This view shows all projects in the organization. Projects can be recorded to
the system directly or from the Microsoft Enterprise Project Management
system, if available. Projects can be grouped by many criterias

SECTORS TRACKINGsystem benefits

The above view shows the details of the sectors by reviewing the following
1. Sectors and Departments Tracking
2. Direct Projects
3. Indirect Projects
4. Direct Mandates
5. Indirect Mandates
6. Direct Objectives
7. Indirect Objectives
8. Direct KPI’s
9. Indirect KPI’s


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